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Unifire is a world leader in support of our nation’s first responders. With a long history of manufacturing the best rescue equipment available, Unifire has earned a reputation for solving some of the most challenging problems for rescue and special operations, equipment needs, and supporting the warfighter on mission-critical scenarios.

Unifire has earned some of the government's highest ratings for performance and consistency. By listening closely to customer needs and concerns, Unifire ensures that you will have top-performing products and training to ensure your mission's success.




Unifire is a manufacturer adept in designing and fabricating various/diverse products with the experience to help set appropriate market prices and expectations.




Unifire offers a wide array of training from collapse rescue, active shooter, structural collapse, CBRNE, extrication, entry procedures, first aid, and capable of providing applicable training and certifications.


Supply Chain Management

Contract Administration

Unifire is here to help you streamline your supply-side activities to maximize customer value and maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, ensuring that your objectives are met on time and within budget.



Operational Equipment

With experience in building kits and caches, Unifire is regularly tasked with providing operational preparation by supplying quality products.

Mission Statement

Unifire’s mission is to produce and provide military, fire, rescue, and law enforcement with the products and knowledge required to fulfill their unique duties. Whether in a fire fight or fighting fire, we’ve got you covered.

Who We Serve

Unifire is proud to hold contracts with several federal, state and local agencies including: The U.S. General Service Administration, the Defense Logistics Agency and Homeland Security.

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  • Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)
  • COTS Shelter Systems
  • Cold Weather BPA
  • Afghan Refugee Support BPA
  • GS-07F-268AA
  • SPE1C1-22-D-1506
  • SPE1C1-19-A-0002
  • SPE1C1-21-A-0002

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