Duty Belt Equipment – The Essential Tools of Law Enforcement

Essential Equipment for Essential Workers

The duty belt is the core of law enforcement officers’ uniforms, making essential equipment readily accessible in any situation. Often weighing more than 20lbs, law enforcement must carefully select what will be entrusted on their belts.

A variety of tools to be selected carefully


The restraint devices adopted by virtually all law enforcement agencies, handcuffs come in three main types: chain, hinged and rigid. Available in different combinations of steel and/or weight-saving aluminum, handcuffs are manufactured to withstand the most demanding situations. The popular chain cuffs are fast and easy to apply but allow the subject the most freedom of movement. Hinged cuffs reduce the movement to one axis but are therefore harder to apply in some circumstances. Finally, rigid cuffs maximize restraint and minimize the subject’s mobility, however, they require more skills and training to apply them properly.


The baton, in fixed-length or expandable forms, with multiple variations from straight-batons to side-handled, has gained worldwide acceptance as the intermediate force weapon of choice for law enforcement officials, carried as a compliance tool but also as a defensive weapon. Straight-stick batons have been around since the dawn of policing and most officers and agencies now favor the more versatile and easy-to-carry expandable baton. Available in steel and weight-saving steel/aluminum combinations, the expandable baton can easily collapse, reducing its space on the belt.

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Tactical Lights

An officer essential, the tactical light allows officers better visibility in dark environments but is also an important tool in detecting signs of impairment. Made of durable material such as anodized aluminum, giving it the ability to withstand the toughest situations, the light can also be used as a compliance tool when necessary.



Officers worldwide carry a variety of aerosol chemical irritants in a detachable holder or a pouch. Sprays are commonly referred to as pepper spray or mace and provide officers with another incapacitating alternative before resorting to lethal force.



The duty belt is the tool chest of every law enforcement officer, and ASP, proudly distributed by Unifire, is trusted with more space on officer duty belts than any other single brand, providing law enforcement with state-of-the-art handcuffs, batons, tactical lights and sprays. ASP also offers tuition-free training and instructor courses designed to acquaint participants with operational use of their products



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ASP is single-mindedly focused on providing uncompromising tools and training to help law enforcement professionals perform their duties with maximum effectiveness and safety.

ASP provides a fully integrated family of best-in-class products, including batons, restraints, flashlights, and duty gear to carry it. With its ASP training division, including the ASP Instructor Certification, ASP offers gold standard training programs for all its products.



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Unifire to Partner with AllClear Healthcare to Offer COVID-19 Monitoring & Management Solutions

SPOKANE, WASHINGTONAUGUST 5, 2021 – Unifire Inc. (“Unifire” or the “Company“), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mission Ready Solutions Inc (“Mission Ready“) (TSX Venture: MRS) (OTCQX: MSNVF), announced today its partnership with AllClear Healthcare, a COVID-19 monitoring and management solutions provider offering a comprehensive platform including the ability to test and obtain results on-site within minutes and the capacity to monitor workforce vaccination and testing status.

“After having successfully supplied millions of Level 2 Disposable Isolation Gowns to the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) – through contracts awarded and managed by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) – Troop Support, a division of the United States Department of Defense – in support of the U.S. government COVID-19 pandemic response, the opportunity to partner with AllClear was timely and fortuitous as we look to further our contributions to combatting the COVID-19 pandemic. This will allow Unifire to present AllClear’s offering to Government and agencies, including an integrated approach that will allow organizations to navigate this new normal and get them back up and running,” said Francisco Martinez, Chief Technology Officer of Unifire.

AllClear’s comprehensive solution set includes health screenings defined by the organizations and input directly into AllClear’s digital platform for record retention purposes. AllClear also offers vaccination monitoring through its digital HIPAA compliant platform, which enables individuals to upload proof of vaccination. Finally, AllClear offers rapid and precise COVID-19 testing, managing the testing process end-to-end, and using ultra-high accuracy microfluidics antigen testing.

“AllClear’s partnership with Unifire will allow us to present Government and agencies with comprehensive solutions tailored to the organization’s needs with screening, testing and monitoring abilities, both mobile and on-site, and allow workforces to actively, but most importantly safely, reintegrate their workplace. At the end of the day its about providing testing accuracy and data you can trust, with the speed and affordability required to meet the growing public health need,” said Bill Stone, CEO of AllClear Healthcare. “With Unifire’s demonstrated ability to provide comprehensive government contracting solutions, AllClear could provide federal, state and municipal organizations with gold-standard testing capabilities surpassing current antigen tests in the market coupled with state of the art monitoring capacities.”

About AllClear Healthcare

AllClear is on a mission to help you create COVID-secure environments to allow people to better navigate the new normal, and give them the assurance they need to feel good about getting back to work.

AllClear’s comprehensive solution set includes health screening, monitoring of vaccination status and mobile COVID-19 testing, all of which is enabled through our digital, HIPAA-compliant software solution. For more information on AllClear Healthcare and our solutions, visit www.allclearhealthcare.com.

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