Who We Are

Our Story

In 1987 founders Darrell Siria and Dan Raczykowski were approached by two local firefighters who had become disillusioned with the continual failure of their current equipment. After months of research, consultation and development, they produced a high-quality fan and sent it to more than 60 Fire Departments for testing. The feedback was unanimous and the quality unequivocal. They had created the Mark Series Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan, and Unifire was born.

To date, the attention to detail and steadfast production of superior products continue to be reflected, with more than 98% of Unifire’s products since inception still in service.

Unifire quickly expanded production to include a wide range of complementary products, including Ventilation Saws, Rescue Saws, Smoke Generation Machines, Coring Drills, Confined Space Blowers, and Search Cameras. Fabrication also began on an improved carbide chain to further enhance our Ventilation Saw and was introduced under the Carbide Chain of America brand. In addition, Unifire started to provide training to rescue personnel and positioned itself as a major supplier of rescue equipment and training to FEMA. With the expansion of goods and services offered, quickly expanding from just over 50 products to more than 500,000, Unifire determined that a new sales avenue was needed to provide high-quality rescue equipment to our technical rescue and military customers more effectively. To that end, AdvancedTechRescue.com entered development and went live in 2008.

Since the introduction of AdvancedTechRescue.com, Unifire has expanded its product offering and today proudly offers more than 1,5 million products/items from the simplest of tools to the most advanced fire, rescue, and tactical products.

Unifire currently holds a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) – GS-07F-268AA consolidating all previously held GSA Schedules.

Unifire also held some of the hardest and most prestigious contracts awarded by the U.S. Government including the Defense Logistics Agency Tailored Logistics Support Program, Fire & Emergency Services Equipment contract (DLA TLSP F&ESE), the Tailored Logistics Support Program and Special Operations Equipment contract (DLA TLSP SOE) and the Commercial Off-The-Shelf contract (COTS). With these contracts, our customers were able to access a much broader range of products to accomplish their mission.

Finally, multiple Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA) nationwide allow Unifire to provide competitive pricing and superior customer support.

Unifire continues to seek out new contracts, products, and ways to connect with customers.

Whether a fire fight or fighting fire, we’ve got you covered!