Cold-Weather Warfare – A fight against the elements

With our forces deployed all over the world, both on land and at sea, spanning from jungle terrains to icy-white plains, military operations can be affected by extreme climates. As a result, military forces must adapt to the changing weather conditions, giving the ability to Soldiers to endure the harshest conditions and retain their capacity to maneuver, making it a decisive factor between mission success and operation failure.

The ever-evolving understanding of Soldier needs, including injuries prevention, has resulted in the demand and development of new and updated equipment that can withstand the most challenging conditions. With protection from extreme cold weather at the forefront, water-repellant properties and fast-drying abilities have also been included as part of the improvements to ensure Soldiers can stay warm and dry while maintaining their ability to operate.

Through its innovation division DevCore and branded product division Line of Fire, the ABX Group has worked on developing military and law enforcement clothing and individual equipment to respond to their growing needs, improving current legacy protective equipment by bringing game-changing insight into previously unsolvable problems.

DevCore’s mission is to create Made in the United States products that circumvent the shortcomings of legacy items. With its refreshed cold-weather equipment, DevCore supplies products built for mission-critical situations. DevCore’s Cold Weather Boot Gaiters, currently approved by the US Army under Unifire’s DLA Cold Weather Blanket Purchase Agreement, feature a double-front hook and loop closure that will shield against snow and debris penetration under extreme cold situations, helping to prevent common cold-weather injuries such as trench foot, frostbite, and hypothermia. The gaiters also offer remarkable improvements, including high abrasion protection Neoprene-Kevlar patches resistant to slice and scuff, ensuring protection from snowshoes or crampons and strap and cam buckle for easier donning and doffing. Lace hooks and rear shock cord adjustments also keep the gaiters in place at all times, while rubber pull tabs allow for unfastening under all conditions. With its 3-layer laminated material, the Cold Weather Boot Gaiters offer a waterproof, weather-resistant performance on the most rugged terrains.

ABX-Line of Fire’s proprietary technologies and its ability to identify emerging technologies suitable for improving current products have helped the company position itself as a leading innovator in its specialized area of product design and manufacturing. Its cutting-edge Micro Replication Technology was the inception of Line of Fire’s Grip System Technology, setting a new standard in protective gloves. With its Micro Replication Surface and technologies such as SENSA-TOUCH®, Line of Fire’s products drastically increase users’ ability to operate its tools, ensuring that even the harshest work conditions couldn’t thwart this interoperation.

The desire for government agencies to be at the forefront of innovation and provide military and law enforcement with leading-edge equipment has opened dialogues between key industry players and decision-makers in recent years. As a result, innovators have seen growing opportunities for improvements across the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Foreign Military Sales (FMS).

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