Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs)

A blanket purchase agreement (BPA) is an acquisition method that allows government and agencies to fill anticipated repetitive needs for various supplies or services through a virtual line of credit with a trusted supplier. The key difference between BPA and GSA Schedules lies in the ability for the agencies to buy a variety of supplies or services that would typically require the agency to purchase through multiple GSA schedules or contracts. BPAs are negotiated on an individual agency level, and generally, only a small number of agency offices can place orders on them. Sales conditions are agreed upon ahead of BPA awards and include details of supplies or services needed and the price for each of them. As a comparison, GSA Schedules are negotiated directly and only with GSA and, once awarded, allows any federal agencies to purchase directly from them. BPA orders also often have an acquisition threshold where GSA Schedules do not.

Unifire currently holds two BPAs:
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Cold Weather BPA

  • Contract Number: SPE1C1-19A-0002
  • Product Description: Cold weather equipment (Cold Weather Boots, Balaclava, Boot Gaiters, Mittens, Gloves and actively adding items)
  • Performance Period: 2 Year Original Award - 3 Year Extension of the Base BPA (Expires April 17, 2024)

Afghan Refugee Support BPA

  • Contract Number: SPE1C1-21-A-0002
  • Product Description: Commercial commodities
  • Performance Period: Initial 1-year base ordering period (Sept. 3/21 through Sept. 2/22) renewable yearly within 30 days of contract end

COTS – Shelter Systems Program

The COTS – Shelter Systems Program is a multiple-award, prime vendor contract, that is structured to accommodate the addition of products through the life of the contract. The contract calls for the supply of COTS – Shelter Systems in support of the United States DLA Troop Support Clothing & Textiles supply chain and, at present, offers military tents, parts, and support equipment.

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COTS – Shelter Systems Program

  • Contract Number: SPEC1C1-22-D-1506
  • Contract Description: Indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract to facilitate the delivery of products through the Company’s vendor network in support of the United States Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support Clothing & Textiles supply chain
  • Contract Value: Up to USD $200,000,000
  • Product Description: Commercial off-the-shelf (“COTS“) Shelter Systems
  • Performance Period: Initial 1-year base ordering period (Dec. 2/21 through Dec. 1/22) and three 1-year option periods

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