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Fire +Rescue

Unifire was started in 1987 in order to fill a need for high performance rescue equipment. Our first manufactured products were positive pressure ventilation fans. Production soon expanded to include complementary products such as ventilation saws, rescue saws, smoke generation machines, coring drills, confined space blowers, and search cameras.

Unifire is the leading manufacturer of high performance rescue equipment, world renown for durability in the most extreme environments. Our attention to detail and steadfast production of superior products is reflected in our record of over 98% of Unifire products produced since 1987 are still in service today. Unifire’s customer service and support sets the standard for professionalism and customer satisfaction.

A division of Unifire, Advanced Tech Rescue was created to fill a need for the distribution of quality designed and manufactured products worldwide which was as a direct result of the terrible tragedy suffered on 9/11.

Advanced Tech Rescue was created to be a trusted reseller of products that have undergone thousands of hours of performance under real life training events. Unifire and its partner, Spec Rescue International, spent thousands of hours training rescue teams for FEMA and the Military in real life situations.

Unifire Inc. leverages its access to manufacturers and vendors to provide an extensive selection of products and brands, at competitive prices. Unifire understands the unique challenges and demanding needs of the profession, which is why we partner with the best to provide quality products. We service the law enforcement, military, security, fire and EMS sectors offering a one-stop shopping experience.