With the power of GSA, you have millions of products and services at your fingertips which have been approved for purchase by federal, state and municipal agencies utilizing federal dollars.  Unifire holds three GSA schedules for your purchasing needs:

GSA Schedule 84: Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue Clothing, Marine Craft and Emergency/Disaster Response.

GS-07F-268AA [ Catalog 

Miscellaneous Personal Equipment 

Helmets; Restraining Equipment; Canine Training and Handling Equipment, Canine Search and Detection; Night Vision Equipment; Emergency Preparedness and First Responder Equipment, Training and Services; Firearms Storage, Securing and Cleaning Equipment; Unloading Stations; Bullet Recovery Systems and Gun Racks; Emergency Patient Transportation and Immobilization 


Firefighting and Rescue Tools, Equipment and Accessories; Breathing Air Equipment, Inhalator Devices, Respiratory Protection Products, Related Support Items and Solutions; Hoses, Valves, Fittings, Nozzles, Couplings and Related Accessories; 

New Products and Services relating to Firefighting and Rescue Equipment

Gloves – Industrial, Work and Cold Weather Gloves; Men’s and Women’s Safety Toe Shoes or Boots; Extreme Cold Weather Clothing. Coats, Jackets, Vests, Hoods and Hats

Structural Fire Fighting Clothing

Coat, Turnout; Trousers; Structural Fire Fighting Clothing. Boots, Bunker and Hip; Structural Fire Fighting Clothing. Protective Hoods; Wildland Fire Fighting Clothing – Personal Protection; Security Wear, EMS Clothing and Related Products; Industrial Work Shirts and Pants; Concealment Clothing, Camouflage Clothing and BDUs; Miscellaneous Undergarments for use with Special Purpose Clothing

GSA Schedule 51V: Hardware Store, Home Improvement Center, or MRO

GS-07F-268AA [ Catalog 

Products and equipment including but not limited to

Flooring, fencing, hardware, building materials, tools, appliances, electric, paint, plumbing, lawn and garden, motors, shop, machining, welding, material handling; carts, trucks and dock; HVAC, cleaning and irrigation, equipment. 

These items must meet government requirements for “energy-efficiency” or Green (Energy Star or Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)-designated), water-efficient, products, and/or the use of non-ozone depleting substances, as applicable to product groups with designation.

GSA Schedule 78: Outdoor & Recreation

GS-03F-110AA  [ Catalog 

  • Schedule 78 includes, but is not limited to, recreational tents, tents for decontamination and triage, yurts, tent flys, poles, stakes, tent ropes, and repair kits; Tarps; Sleeping Bags, Bed Rolls, Cots & Camping Furniture; Pack Boards and Backpacks; Heaters, Stoves, Lanterns; Jugs, Coolers, Canteens, & Personal Hydration Units; Climbing Equipment & Snowshoes; Field Toilets & Field Bathing; Outdoor Planters, Tree Grates & Anti-Vegetation Material; Bear-Proof Food Lockers; and Replacement Parts with Ancillary Services

There are multiple avenues to use Unifire’s currently held GSA contracts.

Steps to expedite your acquisition needs order from Unifire directly using GSA:

Contact Unifire at (800) 745-3282, 509-535-7746 or email for product availability and GSA quote.

A quote will be sent to you with the appropriate GSA Schedule Contract Number and GSA pricing.

After receipt of quote, issue a Purchase Order to Unifire, Inc. referencing the appropriate GSA Schedule Contract Number or provide a Government IMPAC-GPC Card or Credit Card for payment.


Or order through GSA Advantage 

Offers millions of approved products & services available to Federal purchasers

Easy-to-use Secure Electronic Shopping Cart: Complete your purchase quickly and securely with confidence

Fair and reasonable negotiated prices

GSA accepts the SmartPay, IMPAC, Government Purchase Cards

Certain requests can be purchased with an Activity Address Code (AAC or DoDAAC).

Detailed Order History Information

To see what Unifire has to offer through GSA, please visit the GSA Schedule you are interested in below.